About Digital Attendant

The Digital Attendant is a simple and powerful way to manage, publish and advertise your content on displays with just a few clicks. Digital signage can play a major role in customer engagement, reduce waiting times, marketing and outdoor advertising to support your business objectives. It can be used to provide customized content for a large number of industries including Shopping malls, Stadiums, Public areas, Airports, Retail stores, Hotels, Restaurants, Museums, Corporate buildings etc.

Digital Attendant


Our mall app “SHOP” feature helps customers to find their favorite retail shop in a mall and help customers enjoy their shopping journey. So, customer will want to stay and shop longer. It’s helps retailer to drive more traffic to their stores. Digital Mall TV app, detailed SHOP guide help customers to:

  • It helps customers to search for specific stores for shopping
  • Provide shoppers with maps of malls or store departments to help them plan their visits
  • The app displays all the stores, so customer easily browse by category to find the shops with the products they are looking for
  • It also displays the selected store navigation, about brand, deals and offers


Our mall app “EAT” feature helps customers to find their favorite food outlet in a mall and help customers enjoy their food journey.

  • It helps visitors to search for specific food stores for eat
  • The app displays all the food stores by category like restaurant, café, pub and quick bites outlets. So, customer easily select their favourite food outlet and enjoy their eat journey.
  • It also displays the selected food store navigation, about outlet, deals and combos


Our mall app “ENTERTAINMENT” feature helps visitors to find multiplex and game zone in a mall. This is the only place of excitement and entertainment for visitors.

App Key Features


Our app help visitors to search for shopping stores, food outlets, entertainment zone, ATMs, etc…, or brows by name or category to easily find exactly what you are looking for in the mall.


Indoor mall navigations help customers to navigate to their favourite retail shop, food court, entertainment, ATM and all other mall amenities.

Deals & Combo
Deals & Combos

This feature displays all deals running in all stores. Customer search on basis of their favorite brand or specific product on a single click.


The information tab displays all the mall information like ATM, Bag Park, Car Spa, Bill Pay Service, Ambulance, Lost and Found, Wheel Chair and more.


Customer satisfaction surveys can be easily carried out through the software. It is a great way to incorporate customer surveys and get real customer feedback about the mall facility. Simply ask customers about their opinions in a shopping environment.

Free Wi-fi

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the mall. Please connect to available free Mall Wi-Fi networks provider and for that share your mobile number and generate OTP. Once submit OTP then enjoy free Wi-Fi for specific time.

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