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Farmer Reach App

Farmer Reach App

Project Highlights

  • REACH Farmer app keeps the farmer in the forefront and provides the best crop protection solutions for their crops. This application is available in six Indian languages – Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada, and empowers Indian farmers with detailed information and crop protection solutions.
  • REACH offers a wide array of features, presented in a simple and user-friendly way, and can be easily accessed by farmers across the country.
  • REACH Farmer application provides a world of information to Indian farmers and help them understand their crops and protect them better from external problems.

Key Features

Multi Language

The app is available with Multiple Language Support

Application architecture will accommodate future modifications fast and easy

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Farmer Profile

Farmer can update their profile with their contact details.

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Farmer can request product like chemicals, seeds, equipment etc.

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Dealer Locator

Dealer Locator allows Farmers to find their nearest genuine dealers with their contact details.

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Crop Calendar

Crop calculator to calculate the exact amount of fertilizer.

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Market Place

Market Place provides an easy access to check the local market place (Mandi) prices for the crops, this feature helps farmers to assess the best price for their crops.

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Knowledge Centre

Knowledge Centre brings the latest news updates about the agricultural industry, crop information, new pests, diseases, protection tips and much more.

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