Rydot Assistant – AI Based Chatbot Platform

Rydot assistant is a Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) powered chatbot platform that allows developers and non-technical users to collaborate on building conversational AI-powered assistants. Rydot assistant is a natural language interface for application capable of extracting knowledge from sentences.

Rydot Assistant Chatbot

RyDOT Assistant Features

Chatbot Response

Response as a Text, Image and Voice

Rydot NLP and AI Engine

Responses are Generated Using RyDOT NLP and AI Engine


Theme Change: Text Color, Icon Color and Widget Background Theme.

Intent Based Chatbot

Intent-Based Chatbot

Build Multiple Chatbots

A User Can Built Multiple Chatbots

Conversation Flow

User Can Define Conversation Flow Using Wizard

Multiple Messaging platforms

Chatbot Can Be Integrated with Multiple Messaging Platforms

Multilingual Support

Multilingual Language Support

Analytics Dashboard

Analytic Dashboard

API and CRM Integration

Custom API and CRM Integrations

Intent Recognition

Intent Recognition

Named Entity Recognition

Named Entity Recognition

Multi Platform Support

Multi-Platform Support

Chatbot Intents

Rydot Assistant - Intent-Based Chatbot

Intents are the intentions of the user; these intentions are conveyed by the user to our bot.

Rydot assistant finds the entities (keywords) to retrieve the required information from the user’s message.

It also analyze the context to identify the next intent.

Rydot Assistant - Chatbot Integration with Multichannel

Chatbot integration is a process of integrating your chatbot to various platform social platforms and enterprise applications.

Rydot assistant provide chatbot integration for any of the chatbot frameworks, such as Facebook, Slack, Skype, Telegram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.

Chatbot Integrations
Chatbot Conversational Analytics

Rydot Assistant - Chatbot Conversational Analytics

With Rydot Assistant analytic dashboard user can analyze the chatbot’s performance and conversation analytics.

Our analytic dashboard gives insight about how well agent is performing. On basis of this you can work to improve the user experience.


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