AI powered chatbot

What is Chatbot?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software which provides an automated conversation with human user in natural language. It can be used for improving sales, marketing, CRM, workflows and business automation.


assistant is a platform that allows a user to build an AI-powered conversational assistant.

The platform provides knowledge-based building and response generation tools, for developing a user friendly interactive chatbot.

Why Chatbot?

Increased Customer Engagement 24*7

Chatbot applications streamline interactions between people and services, enhancing customer experience 24*7

An Efficient Tool For Sales And Marketing

Can increase sales by providing precise information about a product or service and can be a great tool for marketing.

Improves CRM & Quality Of Services

Chatbot can handle user’s queries and provide quick responses to the customer and improve Quality of service.

Workflow Automation & IOT Integration

Chatbot can be used to automate the workflows and a user can give the inputs in natural language.

Information Dissemination & FAQs

Chatbots are great tools for information dissemination to the end users.

Personalized Recommendations For End Users

Based on the user’s intent and sentiments personalize recommendations can be generated.

Lucrative ROI

Lucrative ROI by reducing service to customer cost and improving operational efficiency.

Key Features

Live Chat

Multilingual Support

Language Detection & Translation

Knowledge Base And Response Builder

White Label

State Of The Art NLP, NER, NLU, NLG

Ticket Generation And Workflow Automation

Third Party API Integration

Telephony / IVR Integration

Key Benefits

24*7 Availability

Immediate Answers

Improve Customer Engagement

Quality of Service

Lucrative ROI

Seamless Integration With Other Systems

Real-Time Data Collections And Analytics


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