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Invento Sales Management System

Invento - sales management system is designed to make sales management easier. The system can run on any modern browser on any device. The system tracks point of sale and allows for sales planning, control and employee management. It is AI based order booking system and store all the sales data using big data technology.

Invento Sales Management System

App Key Features

New order system

To add new order, you can select customer type, customer name, brand name, design and shade type.

Stock View

Manage stock with brand name and design no. Stock view display current stock of designs and brands.

My Orders listing

Maintain your order listing with order no., customer name, total quantity and price.

Document Sharing

Easily share your documents with your sales team and clients from anywhere using this sales management system.

Customers listing

Customer’s listing display list of the customers with name and their contact details.

Outstanding Details

Manage outstanding details with agency name, bill no., bill date and total dues.

Dispatch Details

Dispatch details manage with agency name, sale order no., design no., order quantity and invoice no.

Multiple Measurement Support

The unit of measurement (UOM) allows you to add and manage orders with specific measurement, Design no., shade type and total order.

Key Features of Retailer App

New Order

To add new order, retailer can select brand name, unit of measurement (UOM), design no., shade type and display total order.

  • Brand name
  • Design No
  • UOM
  • Shade type
  • Total of Quantity

My Orders

The retailer can view its order with order number, brand name, item description, UOM and total quantity.

  • Order Number
  • Item Description
  • UOM
  • Total of Quantity
Invento Sales Management System
Invento Sales Management System

Stock View

Manage stock with brand name, design no. and shade type. Stock view display current stock of designs and brands.

  • Brand Name
  • Design No.
  • Shade Stock

Outstanding Details

Manage outstanding billing amount details with bill number, bill date and total dues.

  • Bill Number
  • Bill Date
  • Total Dues

E – Catalogue

E-catalogue gives the retailer a new look and feel of the brand and product category. The customer i.e. Retailers will select the designs from E – Catalogue and proceed to E-Cart.


Retailer will proceed for booking the order from E-catalogue to “E-Cart”. The item description, quantity in packs (Pcs), UOM and check out items will be seen in the cart.

Invento Sales Management System

CMS Key Features

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