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We provide tailored solutions to high-level enterprise clients through a team of digital transformation experts adept at utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technologies. This approach not only proves to be cost-efficient but also ensures heightened security and robustness. We function as strategic technology partners, taking the time to understand our clients established operational methodologies. Through this understanding, we deliver comprehensive solutions and implement automation strategies, ultimately reducing their overall cost of ownership. By prioritizing the client's requirements, we are able to devise innovative solutions that effectively address prevailing market challenges.Our comprehensive range of products not only caters to various industries but also encompasses cutting-edge solutions in the realm of technology. our diverse portfolio underscores our commitment to innovation and our dedication to providing solutions that align with the latest advancements in technology

We are specialized in the
areas of

Artificial Intelligence
Chatbot Development
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Big Data Analytics
Predictive Analytics
Data Mining & Decision Sciences
Data Visualization
Social Media Listening & Analytics
Product Engineering Services
Data Management Services
Internet of Things
Robotic Process Automation
Web and Mobile App Development

Our Journey

  • 2018
    Started New Journey
    Jigar Desai founded RyDOT Infotech in 2018 and started the company with a small office and a team of 2 intelligent brains. Started to focus on Product Development and achieved good success.
  • 2019
    Grown up
    Grown up with 30+ team members and started journey with the new office.
  • 2020
    Customer Focus
    Focusing more on customer-focused Digital Transformation and added enterprise client in the portfolio.Grown up with 45+ team members and focusing on cutting edge technologies like AI, Big Data, IoT, BI, RPA, Blockchain
  • 2021
    Technology Focus
    Focusing on future technologies-based AI & ML, RPA, Chatbot/Assistant and International Expansion in 2 new locations USA and Oman.
Intelligent digital signage systems


To empower organizations to thrive in the digital age by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, fostering innovation, and delivering transformative solutions. We are dedicated to creating value through seamless digital experiences, driving efficiency, and enabling our clients to stay ahead in a dynamic and competitive global environment.


To be a pioneering force in the digital transformation space, setting the standard for innovation and excellence. We envision a future where every business, regardless of size or industry, harnesses the power of emerging technologies to achieve unparalleled success. Our commitment is to be a trusted partner, driving sustainable growth and shaping the digital landscape through forward-thinking solutions.


Crop protection using IoT bases monitoring
AI powered marketing in Luxury vehicles company
AI powered marketing in Luxury vehicles company
Open AI chatbot in Automotive
Engaging Digital Experience in education
Real-time bot insights in retail
Real-time bot insights in retail
A cloud-based CRM solution
Workflow management software in Food production company
Big data analytics platform
Computer vision application company
Intelligent Sales Management
Sales order management software
AI in home appliances Industry
workflow management in jewerly brand

Our Core Values

AI driven digital transformation


We at RyDOT are always working on the goal-oriented approach and that definitely helps us to stand out from the competition. We set goals and followup on evolution and results.

Automated Computer Vision technology


We act with integrity at all times. We are committed to maintaining ethical standards and do the right thing each time we face a tough decision. We pledge to be transparent and honest in everything we do.

Object detection technology


We strongly have adopted transparency as another significant part of our core values. We create a culture of open communication and share our point of view and also listen and accept other opinions.

Object detection technology


RyDOT is globally known for thinking out of the box and that definitely helps us to stand out from the competition.

Our Infrastructure

Facial recognition computer vision

24/7 Power Availability

Security optimizing solution  with face recognition

CCTV Surveillance for Better Security

AI powered Face recognition

Regular Data Backup

IoT based digital Monitoring System

Provision of Disaster Recovery

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